Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort

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Cybele Jungle & Hill Resort, Wayanad, Kerala

Cybele means Goddess of nature and it is one of the best Jungle & Hill Resorts in Wayanad, Kerala. The Wayanad Resort is a gateway to your dream defeating leisure in Kerala. Here, sky, is not the limit. The only gateway to your dream defeating legend days in wayanad indulge your aesthetic senses by spending unforgettable moments in Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort tucked in top of the hills of Muttil. Overlooking the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka as well as possessing exciting views including Karappuzha dam, Edakkal caves and The Nilgiris Hills.

The wayanad Cybele hill resort is situated in-between of wayanad hills. In the Resort, the guest can feel Jungle resort and Hill Resort at the same moment with same place in Wayanad.So the Wayanad Cybele Hill resort is called as Hill and Jungle resorts in wayanad, you can experiance the adventure activities, natural mountain views and sunrises only in Wayanad Cybele hill resort.

Explore the nature

Wake and see a sunrise, walk and feel the breeze and let you gaze at the hills for enjoying the renewing beauty of nature at every season.

Take the time out to really live more!

Accommodation in Cybele Hill Resort, Wayanad

Deluxe Cottages in Wayand Cybele Hill Resort


A deluxe cottage in Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort offers spacious rooms with all modern facilities. The suits are conveniently designed so as to accommodate two families at a time.The experience the privacy and understated service that lie at the heart .The guests can relax and enjoy the exclusive nature of Wayanad.

Deluxe Suites in Wayanad


Deluxe Suites feature a luxurious bed, spacious formal living and dining area as well as open panty. The suite room creates a warm homely feel, and the bathroom that features circular shower to take large bath. The deluxe suites in wayanad Cybele Hill Resort experience to an entirely new level.

Glass Houses in Wayanad


The exquisitely designed and sparkling glasshouse lets you laze around in the warmth of morning sun and celebrate the true meaning of life. The guests can relax in our tastefully furnished rooms, and you can view the nature from the room itself. The glass house facility is only available in Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort.

Honeymoon Cottages in Wayanad Cybele


Finer moments of life set off in days of togetherness, and let it be in the minds of greenery. Honeymoon cottage splash colours to the new voyage set out by the newly wedded.

Tree House Outer View


No one can take the views of the distant hills and mountain high along with the bright blue sky. The brimming greenery fills your precious moments with so much contentment.

Treee Houses in Wayanad

tent accommodation

Explore the nature

The distant hills and mountain high, the rolling clouds and bright blue sky,no one can take these views from you....enjoy the thrilling sights along with the greenery honeymoon cottage.

We made it all you to see..!!